Enjoy confidential consultations, strategic analysis, and positive profit recommendations...all in one marketing consulting package.

Who exactly are your ideal customers...and what do they want? What makes them tick? What are they not telling you that could be a crucial pivotal moment for your business? With our help, you will identify leaks in your marketing funnels, improve brand stories, get better budget leverage, and discover creative opportunities. We are also happy to train you in marketing best practices. 

Your vision. Our expertise. What a difference a few months can make. 

Each consulting package is custom-tailored for your challenge. Your engagement with us will be a minimum of six months, so that we can properly dive in and investigate your company, product and customers in the real world. By accumulating what we call "small data" and comparing it to your large data, we can find out what is ACTUALLY driving your best marketing campaigns, and how we can make them better.  

We have three goals for you:

  1. attract new customers with new techniques
  2. secure your existing client base from competition
  3. achieve sales as quickly as possible without sacrificing the authenticity and iconic quality of your brand


  • Monthly or weekly meetings with our team in person, or by phone or video conference
  • Recordings of meetings and/or notes for continual reference
  • Kick-off full analysis of current marketing strategies
  • Refreshed marketing goals
  • Industry forecast and futurist insights report
  • Small data investigation and customer research
  • 6-month full marketing plan for moving forward
  • Detailed recommendations, guides, and mini-trainings for your team
  • One-to-one strategy call with Catherine each month to discuss any opportunities/challenges that pop up
  • Wrap-up/next steps meeting at the end of our engagement to help you seamlessly transition your new strategy completely in-house



Email marketing setup, social media setup, content marketing, direct mail coordination, media outreach, cross-sell customer optimization, internal surveys, extended focus group research, storyboarding concepts with creative teams, media buy, and copywriting are examples of managed services available at an additional investment. Please let us know if you're interested in including any of these in your package.  No two businesses are alike, so we are happy to customize your consultation package to fit your needs and see the profits your company needs.


All monthly consults are available by phone, video conference, or in person. You are welcome to meet with us at our conference room location downtown, which offers integrated tech and amenities. Or we can travel to you. Travel within 1 hour of Asheville is complimentary. For regional or national clients, we are happy to discuss other travel arrangements. 


To schedule your complimentary 30-minute initial assessment, please click below.

Catherine has a great presence and professional insight. She is capable and practical. The reason I chose to utilize her skill over the many choices I had was because she understood my needs in a clear and practical manner. I highly recommend her if you are looking to design or implement a marketing plan.
— Isaac Klepac, Shiloh Painting