Our core team offers over ten years of marketing consulting experience, and hundreds of thousands in revenue generated from our strategic marketing process.

We are proud to be woman-owned and we serve entrepreneurs of all races, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. Our office is powered by wind energy, our servers are green-hosted, we offset our annual carbon footprint, and we thrive in a supportive company culture. We also donate a portion of annual revenue to a carefully curated list of social and environmental causes that align with our mission.


Catherine Campbell

Founder and director

Catherine Campbell is the founder and director of strategy at Bright Planning. Her business expertise appears in Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, The Daily Muse, CBS Small Business, and elsewhere.

Since 2006, she has created marketing plans and story-driven campaigns for companies of all sizes, from multi-million dollar corporations to fast-growth start-ups. She has also consulted for bestselling authors as well as some of the top sales and social influencers in the United States.

Catherine launched Bright Planning in 2014 with a single Marketing Map, a proprietary marketing plan model, and coupled it with her vision to help sustainable and ethical companies market better and be better.


Claire Heywood

marketing assistant

Claire Heywood is the Marketing Assistant of Bright Planning. She takes care of the consultancy's communications with writing, social media management, collateral creation, and event management. She also assists with research, writing, and PR outreach for select clients.

Clair has Colorado roots and North Carolina wings. She grew up in Denver and attended Colorado State University, where she earned her BA in English Rhetoric & Composition. While living in Fort Collins, Claire discovered a love for community gardening, creative nonfiction and a small but mighty local publishing scene.

Her writing has been featured in The Fort Collins Courier, Coin-Op Magazine and Stain'd Magazine. 


Andrea Rose

Writing and research assistant

Andrea Rose is Bright Planning's go-to expert for client and industry research and drafting articles and client or brand materials.

Having earned her Bachelor's degree from Saint Louis University, Andrea plays in many sandboxes, from the corporate world of finance and accounting to her true passion in the publishing arena as an award-winning, bestselling author. Both careers have given her multi-faceted expertise in finance, communications, and marketing.

Andrea spends her days in the Midwest battling tornadoes and the school pick-up/drop-off line—both equally dangerous—while giving her clients the tools they need to run sharp, savvy businesses. At night, she creates worlds of fiction for her readers the world over.




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