Create a memorable message. Discover your brand's secret story that will turn heads. Inspire your audience to take action.

single writing projects

Offering years of professional, nationally-recognized writing experience, we can craft the first brand story for your startup website, revive your stale website with fresh pages, provide a package of blog posts to kick off content, help you brainstorm taglines and product names during your R&D phase, manage public relations collateral for a launch, and more. All copywriting services include research, interviews, and final editing aligned with your style guide.

monthly copywriting packages

We offer ongoing copywriting services to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and differentiate your voice. (This is a popular add-on service among our clients who don't have the time/patience to write compelling copy. We're a team of creative writers so we love it.) Customize a package to fit your needs: do you need monthly email newsletters and sequences, sales letters, webinar and video scripts, blog posts, articles, press releases, talking points, or white papers written for you? We're your dedicated team.


message and brand story analysis

Your business story is a vital part of your marketing strategy. It is intricately tied to the customer's ultimate decision.

  1. Tell a bad, boring story and your customer will walk away.
  2. Tell a great story and your customer will spread the word for you.

Every touch point is influenced by a business narrative: your branding, your site design, your offline customer experience, your product. What story will you tell?

We can offer an in-depth analysis of your current messaging and perform an intensive consultation to uncover your most impactful stories.

content planning

If you feel as though you're just writing into the void with no plan, strategy, or confidence, it can affect your productivity and the quality of your marketing content very quickly.

You need a content plan.

Crafting a content plan for three months or even just one month can take several hours of brainstorming, looking at promotional calendars, and research. We take that off your hands and do the hard thinking for you, while you relax and focus on the day-to-day.

Hire us to create a 3-, 6- or 12-month content plan at an affordable investment, then simply hit the ground running and see results!

Catherine always over-delivers. She created a marketing blueprint for our business that exceeded my expectations — it was incredibly comprehensive and easy to follow. She also provided coaching and consulting to help us implement her marketing strategies. Best of all, she’s a gifted copywriter and we’ve engaged her multiple times to write email and website copy because I love her writing style and more importantly, it gets results — more opens, click throughs and sales. To top it all off, she’s a lovely person and really cares.
— Mark Whitby, The Recruitment Coach

CASE STUDY: MARK WHITBY HIRED CATHERINE AT BRIGHT PLANNING FOR A 90-day Marketing Map AND PROFESSIONAL WRITING SERVICES. within four weeks, THE client HAD increased his web traffic by 15% and his sales conversion rate by 2%.