Welcome to the new way of marketing.

Once upon a time, the traditional responsibility of any marketing consultancy was to help companies grow their bottom line through strategic marketing plans and tactics.

However, Bright Planning does not strategically plan or market for just anyone.

In order to create a better future, we must promote and embrace those companies who are doing great work.



We believe in conscious capitalism and the value of social enterprise.

We believe in serving businesses who operate a triple bottom line and who can see how their product or service improves the lives of people and the planet.

We believe in the visionary entrepreneur, the curious organization, the next-step pioneer who asks, "What if?" with a consideration for all.

We believe "eco-friendly" and "luxury" can belong in the same sentence, and that high-end ethical products and services can provide a richness to our human existence.



We are committed to world-class marketing for organic, ethically-sourced, natural and sustainable retail products.

We are committed to world-class marketing for positive impact professional service firms.

We are committed to the individual or the organization who blends heritage craftsmanship with green manufacturing and cutting-edge clean technology.

We are committed to serving American small businesses that will anchor and grow communities while having a positive global impact.

We had a number of false starts with content writers and strategists and really none of them worked for us. Even so-called experts. Catherine is fantastic and a real pleasure to work with. She totally immerses herself in your business and culture to understand your unique proposition so as to communicate this well in her work. We have been so pleased with everything she has done for us and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Sean McDonald, MOBIT Mobile Marketing Technologies