Give us your vision, we'll give you the plan.

Bright Planning is a boutique marketing consultancy based in Asheville, NC with a national clientele.

We specialize in marketing plans, strategies to launch startups or re-launch older established brands, and creative copywriting.

Our clients range from private fast-growth startups to multi-million dollar established companies that offer organic, ethical or sustainable retail products and positive impact services. In other words: your business should be making the world a more beautiful, healthier, remarkable place to live.


Why hire a marketing consultant?

Hiring a marketing consultant who is skilled in triple-bottom-line campaigns and messaging gives you instant access to a brain trust and a plan for far less cost than it would require to retain a team of marketing professionals on your staff. When you contract with us, we will work on your projects either independently or in collaboration with your employees and other vendors.



When should you hire a marketing consultant?

  1. You're a startup or an established business with a small team that's pressed for time
  2. You're a solo entrepreneur who needs a "temporary" marketing director to help you take it to the next level
  3. You require a specialist (see our Services list) to make sure you spend your budget and time the right way
  4. You can't nail your messaging: it's boring, difficult, dry, or you don't have time to write
  5. You don't know how to pull data and numbers into marketing reports that make sense
  6. Your profits are equal to or less than the previous year and your current marketing efforts aren't getting traffic and sales

What Catherine and her team can do for you:

  • marketing plans: our signature service, a proprietary marketing plan with research, futurist insights, recommendations, weekly step by step instructions, and monthly support
  • consulting packages: 6-12 month partnerships with expert sessions, marketing campaign help, and ongoing analysis
  • copywriting that works: based on ten years of experience, we can write or improve your existing digital & print content
  • analysis and recommendations: receive a full report with your current stats, research we've pulled from economic data and futurists in your industry, plus recommendations to improve your marketing
  • media buy strategy: optimize your ROI for ads in native media, digital platforms, television, radio, and print
  • email strategy: we help you build a happy and healthy customer list
  • mobile strategy: reach customers within 3 minutes...perfect for events, sales, and conferences
  • social media strategy: build your brand using "content-to-commerce"
  • content strategy: story and message development plus quarterly content planning
  • public relations strategy and management: press material development, media list and pitch strategy, outreach calendar development, PR management for select clients


With the help of Bright Planning, I created a format for networking, then marketing, then booking a successful 6-week workshop that is repeatable and therefore a source of sustainable income for my business. After working with Catherine, I knew what it would take to begin putting myself out there, and I gained a local partner yoga studio, launched a podcast, and have had both influencers and followers (in both the US and abroad) reach out to me for interviews and partnership opportunities. A representative from a publishing house even connected with me through my website, which could lead to a potential book deal. Plus I have seen noticeable increases in my traffic.
— Megan de Matteo, Narrative Yoga