marketing for the visionary Entrepreneur

Marketing strategies and creative copywriting for triple bottom line companies

What can We help you with?

If you want to get your plan in place quickly:

Book a "Done in a Day" session and success package with Catherine. A few hours of planning = long term results.

If you want to launch and market a start-up:

For start-ups that are at least one year old, we offer several solutions to help you streamline your message and launch.

if you don't have time for marketing at all:

For overwhelmed businesses that have stalled, we can jumpstart your revenue and growth with an automated marketing funnel.

GIVE US YOUR VISION, We'll Give You The Plan.

Bright Planning, directed by strategist Catherine Campbell, is a marketing consultancy based in Asheville with a national clientele.

If you are a... private company or entrepreneur who focuses on a triple bottom line: people - profit - planet

and you're facing the problem(s) of... stale revenues, lack of time for marketing, an underperforming budget, or a tired message

and the last thing you want to do is... roll up your sleeves and work 60 hours a week on marketing efforts that you're unsure about

We will help you... overhaul your marketing plan, automate your marketing campaigns, and write copy that moves your people to action

You will receive... a brain trust, a plan, peace of mind, and renewed energy to focus on sales and a fraction of the investment it requires to hire and train full-time employees

And you'll know you have the competitive advantage because... we specialize marketing for ethically-sourced/organic retail products and positive-impact professional services AND we have over a decade's worth of intense marketing experience, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 corporations.

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