Story-Driven Marketing and PR
We tell good stories about people doing good things.
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We represent restaurants, food products and beverage brands that are local, thoughtful and sustainable.
Food + Beverage
If your product or professional service creates a positive impact, we can help you grow.
Lifestyle Brands
Our agency helps launch books, represent thought leaders and create a platform for industry pioneers.
Authors + Thought Leaders



Using a story-driven campaign approach and a specialized process, our agency exclusively works with brands that are eco-friendly and/or socially responsible:

  • Food + Beverage + Restaurants: organic, farm-to-table, and sustainable
  • Lifestyle: products and services that create a positive impact
  • Authors + Thought Leaders: chefs and business leaders

Bright Planning is a high-level consultancy with a small group of experts.




As marketing and PR campaign architects, we find the unique pivotal moment that makes a person say “yes” under their breath and buy from your brand. Then we create a blueprint of micro-moments just like that one. This becomes your story-driven marketing campaign.

Meet the team

We get results for our clients.

We had a number of false starts with content writers and strategists and really none of them worked for us. Even so-called experts. Catherine is fantastic and a real pleasure to work with. She totally immerses herself in your business and culture to understand your unique proposition so as to communicate this well in her work. We have been so pleased with everything she has done for us and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Sean McDonald, MOBIT Mobile Marketing Technologies
We initially met for 1 hour and [Catherine] just got my business and was so easy to work with. I look forward to a continued relationship with Bright Planning and working many projects down the road. Thanks for all your help and for making my new website such a success!
Kara Candler, Tick Tock Concierge
When starting a new business, you want a smart, highly skilled, knowledgeable business strategist. Thank you Catherine Campbell for helping me draw the architectural blueprint for my business. Her voice is calm. Her advice is sound. Her integrity is the finest you will find in business. Use her services and you are guaranteed more success.
Barrie Barton, Stand and Deliver Asheville
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