Bright Planning’s Catherine Campbell made an appearance in this fantastic round-up of experts: “32 Customer Experience Pros Share the Most Effective Tactics to Reduce Customer Churn.”

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For most companies, acquiring new customers is a more costly effort than retaining customers you’ve already earned. Naturally, finding yourself in a scenario in which you’re constantly starting from scratch to build your customer base isn’t the best way to build profit when you could devote less resources to cultivating customer loyalty and retaining the valued customers you’ve already worked so hard to earn.

That’s why more enterprises are focusing their efforts to reducing customer churn rather than new customer acquisition. In order to gain some insight into the strategies today’s top-notch leaders are utilizing to cut down on customer turnover, we asked a panel of customer experience and customer retention professionals to answer this question:

“What’s the single most effective way companies can reduce customer churn?”

Read on to find out what our pros reveal about both innovative and tried-and-true tactics you can put to work to start reducing customer turnover today.