From what we have gathered, most business owners would rather pay back taxes than write a blog post. How do we know? Because when we tell potential clients that it’s a service we offer, it’s almost sure to seal the deal. 

But hiring a marketing agency isn’t a luxury everyone can afford. Whether writing makes you feel like you’re back in high school or you think it’s too time-consuming, we’re here to tell you that as far as increasing your organic traffic online, few things will serve you better than some well-spent time at the keyboard. 

Brush off your comparative lit hang-ups and use these 6 tips to produce a high-ranking blog and increase your website’s organic traffic.

1. Stay above the fold.

Especially as you’re becoming accustomed to writing a blog, keep your best stuff at the top. For now, the higher above the fold, the better the chance of high-rankings. In other words, don’t bury your lead. 

2. Use Yoast.

Yoast is a free SEO plugin. With this tool, your blog becomes one of many in an open-source blogging community. This means if you have questions about SEO, there are people with answers you can reach out to. Their whole mission is to ensure that everyone can rank on the internet—big fish and little fish.

3. Read your competitors.

Your competitors have blogs. Read their recent musings and peruse their archived posts. See what you like and what you don’t like about their style. Did they take a stand on something and you feel completely the opposite? Do they have a product they swear by that has given you nothing but trouble? Start making a list of topic ideas for your blog. 

4. Utilize great imagery.

Pretty much no one is going to read your blog if your pictures are terrible. Why? Because we are visual beings. It would be better not to have a picture than to use something unappealing. There are several places on the internet where you can download free stunning images. (Do otherwise at your own peril. There are copyright laws out there for a reason.)

5. Speed matters. 

It won’t matter what you have to say if no one is reading it, and no one will be reading it if it doesn’t load quickly. You’ll have a better shot of having a high-ranking blog if you use a caching plugin and compress those beautiful colorful jpegs you downloaded for free.

6. Pay attention to font.

Use a font size and style that readers can see. Remember that people of all ages (shout out to those Baby Boomers) are reading your words.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a good writer, think about being a friendly blog reader. What do you want to experience? Let that point of view steer your course and you’ll discover your audience. There are other people out there who like what you do, enjoy what you like, and want to know how you feel about it. Write with these tips in mind and they’ll have a much better chance of finding you organically online.

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