Congratulations to our client, Reason to Bake, who launched their new e-commerce store in June. Bright Planning assisted with the market research, marketing plan, store creation, content marketing and launch. We will continue to assist Reason to Bake in their marketing efforts and lead their marketing strategy as they grow.

When Reason To Bake started an artisan small-batch bakery in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains, they had a lofty two-fold goal: to train and hire developmentally disabled adults and to make delicious, gluten-free cookies that everyone could enjoy.

“Following the success of our Kickstarter and new packaging, we began to hear from people around the country interested in ordering our cookies,” says Elise Sampson, founder of Reason to Bake. “We realized that the next step was to expand beyond our local territory.”

Mother-daughter team Elise and Carolyn Sampson came up with the idea for their cookie company when Carolyn, who has Down Syndrome, told her mother she wanted to be a baker.

Elise believed Carolyn was capable of learning any profession, and wanted to create an environment where there were no limits on what her daughter could learn and accomplish. As their dream developed into a reality, the Sampsons realized their company could offer opportunities for many more adults like Carolyn.

After four years in business, Reason To Bake has developed a loyal following in Western North Carolina and has been sold on the shelves at thirteen locations in the region. With the knowledge that local customers are responding to their mission and product, the company is set to grow the opportunities they offer. They just launched their online e-commerce shop in June, which will allow fans from all over the country to purchase fresh, natural, gluten-free cookies.

Though the core of Reason To Bake is the business’s unique giving-back component, the company has also set their sights on becoming known as the best brand of gluten-free cookies for customers across the United States.

“Our customers often say, ‘These don’t taste gluten-free!’” says Sampson. “We love that. We’re trying to challenge stereotypes with both our mission and our product. We’re demonstrating that there are no limitations to what a person can create.”

Based in Brevard, North Carolina, Reason To Bake worked with an innovative culinary team to develop three proprietary cookie recipes: Spicy Ginger, Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Oatmeal. The bakery sources high-quality, non-GMO ingredients and uses state-of-the-art testing procedures to ensure the cookies are safe for those with celiac disease.

“We are honored to take part in a growing movement of entrepreneurs focused on creating jobs for adults with disabilities,” said Sampson. “When we start looking for ways to involve people with intellectual differences in entrepreneurship, the possibilities are endless.”

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