Bright Planning is excited to welcome a new consulting client, Skyland Camp for Girls. Through traditional camp programs, Skyland Camp for Girls inspires girls to be curious, creative, confident and connected to each other, and to the world.

Girls have been experiencing personal growth and empowerment at Skyland Camp since 1917. Congratulations are in order, as Skyland Camp is now celebrating 100 years of service to girls and families in Western North Carolina!

From their Centennial Season Announcement: “As our Centennial year unfolds, we’ve got big plans. We’re digging through our archives, unearthing photos and memorabilia to showcase. We’re going on the road and visiting generations of alumnae to preserve their stories for posterity.”

Bright Planning will work with Skyland Camp as a marketing client during an exciting period of growth and opportunity. The camp has welcomed a new director and will host a Centennial Celebration onsite August 4-6, 2017. We’re looking forward to working with Skyland Camp to strengthen their marketing strategy and communicate opportunities for girls to explore and gain confidence in an enriching environment.