Carolyn Sampson co-founded Reason to Bake with her mother Elise Sampson in the pursuit of her dream of becoming a baker. Carolyn has Down Syndrome, and was always encouraged by her parents to pursue her dreams. In creating Reason to Bake, Carolyn and her parents realized that so many young people like Carolyn could benefit from to learning a real-world skill while finding affirmation that their entrepreneurial dreams are important and within reach.

After a successfully operating as a local cookie company in multiple locations around Western North Carolina, Reason to Bake hired Bright Planning to plan, launch and manage the initial marketing campaign for their new online store.

The new store will expand Reason to Bake’s production to a national customer base. The company just unveiled their new packaging which allows for preservative-free, non-GMO and gluten-free cookies to be delivered to a national customer base in the freshest way possible. Reason to Bake’s underlying goal in expanding is to hire and mentor more special needs adults like Carolyn.

We are proud to welcome Reason to Bake as a new client: we can get behind their socially responsible mission of making accessible jobs for an often-overlooked community of persons with disabilities while making a delicious natural food product that customers want. Their new online store launch comes on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the new packaging.  An often sold out product, they looking forward to meeting the demand of a larger customer base.

The Reason to Bake team is based in Brevard, North Carolina.