Ah, it’s that time of year. You love it or you hate it. Valentine’s Day was created to celebrate lovers, spouses, and partners…but what if you’re single this year? And more importantly…what if you’re a single entrepreneur or sole proprietor?

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday. But even if your office hours are M-F 9-5, that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself (and your business) a little love that day. Here are some ideas:

1) Put it on paper.

It doesn’t have to be pink cutout hearts, but you deserve a Valentine’s card. Write down your 3 biggest work accomplishments from last year. Also, write down your biggest accomplishment in this first quarter, and make a commitment to reach another goal this year. Not just any goal. Something that will make you truly happy. Now, leave it on your desk until Monday, or heck–drop it in the mail to yourself.

Look at that! You’ve reached these milestones. Congrats! By physically writing down your accomplishments, you can give yourself a much-needed reminder that when you work hard and stay passionate about your goals, you can meet them.

2) Call the florist.

Don’t underestimate a bouquet’s ability to immediately perk up your office. Roses? Carnations? Orchids? Whatever your taste, order yourself something special. If floral isn’t your route, try picking up a great office plant or two at a local nursery. These natural air purifiers will also help put clients and customers at ease.

3) Propose…to your company.

A business is a lot like hand-fasting or a marriage. Each year, you need to assess what went well, what could be improved, and how you’re going to get through your near future together. Take a good, honest look at yourself and your work. Are you happy with your hours? Are your clients and customers the kind of people you want to see every day for another year? Are you getting enough of a work-life balance? And most importantly, are you still passionate about what you’re doing?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, make a commitment to your company and yourself that you will continue for another 365 days. In that time, plan to grow, evolve and become a better version of what you’re currently offering. That’s how love works. No ring required.

4) Send your fellow businesses an unexpected gift.

If you only send out your thank you cards and gifts around Christmas, try doing something unexpected: send your colleagues and local businesses a valentine. Not a cheesy store-bought Hallmark…something handmade. Really, it will make a better impression than a business card. Do you have kids? Make it a craft day and showcase your family values. By opening ourselves to experience gratitude, life returns it back to us.

5) Book a vacation.

Even the boss needs to give herself or himself some PTO. Open your iCal and book a week (or two!) off. Whether it’s jetsetting to Italy or just putting email on autopilot for a staycation, make some time for self-care and unplugging now. And DON’T cancel your dates.