Marketing With Celebrities: How to Calculate Your Endorsement Offer

Celebrities and high profile influencers can have an enormous reach to your ideal market. But is it worth the endorsement price? Here's a very easy primer on...

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Social Media Marketing Strategy For Businesses That Hate Social Media

I sat down with Robin Everson over at CBS Business Pulse to talk about how small businesses grapple with social media marketing strategy, and what to do if y...

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The Best and Worst Ways to Use Hashtags In Your Campaign

Hashtags are strategic pawns in your marketing chess game. You need to use them carefully. Here are tips and warnings on marketing hashtags.

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Why Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign Will Fail…And How It Can Succeed

Starbucks is receiving major backlash on their latest marketing campaign. Here's how they handled it poorly on social media, and how to turn around the #Race...

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The Social Media Breakfast Club
I was on a John Hughes movie binge (no shame) the other day when I noticed something awesome. That’s the whistling scene from one of my favorite filmsR...
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