Global management consulting firm Augoeides Limited has selected Bright Planning for ongoing quarterly marketing strategy. As our newest Marketing Map client, Augoeides Limited will prepare to launch omnichannel marketing and public relations campaigns to strengthen the company’s brand authority as well as globally launch its flagship product, The Coruscation™ Patterns.

“Popular science would have us believe that there are eight stages of development,” says Curtis Cherrington, Principal at Augoeides Limited. “The Coruscation Patterns contain an additional eight levels of language development, allowing you to develop beyond the basics for deeper competency and confidence when speaking.”

Cherrington is considered a thought leader in the areas of motivation and leadership strategies.

He is a 20-year veteran of the digital gaming industry, having developed interactive experiences for fans to interact with some of the biggest and most recognizable intellectual properties in the world. He continues to consult for industry executives in the gaming industry, specializing in monetization.

Augoeides Limited also consults for high-profile individuals and businesses in the field of interpersonal communication.