I have really enjoyed working with my consulting client, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine.

Blue Ridge School offers highly immersive herbal medicine certification programs as well as individual workshops catered to different education levels. It’s also home to Pine’s Herbals—retail herbal medicine such as tinctures–and a Consultation Clinic for helping clients one on one determine holistic healing solutions.

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine is committed to helping western North Carolina’s population become educated and empowered in herbal medicine. CoreyPine Shane, the School’s director, has created a working and educational environment where people feel like they are an integral part of a tight-knit community.

(He is also a Monty Python fan, and let’s be honest: some “Holy Grail” jokes will make any business meeting 200% more enjoyable.)

CoreyPine Shane needed strategy and consulting to sustain the School’s and Pine’s Herbals’ impressive year-over-year growth. In short, the company was facing growing pains–a good problem to have! Shane hired Bright Planning in late July to serve as a business and marketing strategist to address the question: how can all three businesses–the school, consultation clinic, and retail shop–under the Blue Ridge School umbrella maintain healthy growth and expansion while integrating marketing efforts and streamlining internal systems?

While keeping Shane’s specific goals in mind, I analyzed the growth opportunities and challenges of each business model under the Blue Ridge School umbrella and have been working with them to prioritize tasks and create internal communication processes that make it easier for new and existing employees to accomplish goals, while cohesively defining the brands using external PR and marketing efforts.

Our consulting continues with an eye on healthy expansion of Pine’s Herbals retail market share as well as strengthening the Clinical Consultations presence in an area where residents desire holistic and natural approaches to health and wellness.