Congratulations to our client, Red Dragon Muscle Rub, on their official e-commerce launch.

Red Dragon is an athletic skincare company focused on creating natural, powerful solutions for sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Adam Combs, a long-time athlete and gym owner, is the founder of Red Dragon. Over the last twenty-six years, he has trained numerous athletes, including Major League Soccer players and pre-professionals.

While Adam was coaching individuals at his gym, he realized that his athletes often skimmed over injury-proofing routines, or were under-educated on how to take care of themselves pre- and post-workouts.

He set out to design a muscle rub formula that would complement his athletes’ needs after strength building and conditioning, as well as tackle persistent issues like joint pain, sprains, and arthritis. Red Dragon launched in summer 2015 with its flagship muscle rub.

Adam hired Bright Planning to design a Marketing Map and manage the e-commerce launch strategy online, as well as write the website copy for their new online presence.

Their bold, upscale product packaging, package inserts, and branding were created by Atlas Branding. We also worked closely with Atlas to make sure the new copy fit their website design, as well as oversee copy strategy for packaging.

To introduce the brand and make initial sales, we created a landing page website using a parallax scrolling theme and simple one-step cart checkout to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase as well as join the Red Dragon community on social media.

Currently, customers can purchase Red Dragon’s athletic muscle rub online. We are also excited to see their full customized website, also designed by Atlas, launch this summer.

To learn more about Red Dragon: