Bright Planning is thrilled to welcome the Windsor Boutique Hotel as a new client in 2016. The hotel, a notable destination in Asheville, North Carolina, is currently rated #1 on TripAdvisor and continues to receive the highest ratings from travelers for the hotel’s remarkable location, suites, and personalized service.

Initially constructed in 1907, The Windsor recently completed an eighteen-month historical renovation and opened in spring 2014. The hotel plays upon Asheville’s reputation as “the Paris of the South,” with Parisienne-inspired luxury details mixed with rustic decor.

After experiencing healthy organic growth, The Windsor needed a local marketing expert to take their content development and social media to the next level.

I met with their fantastic staff and heard more about the brand’s aesthetic; it was clear there were opportunities for unique transmedia storytelling, particularly when it came to the hotel’s rooms. The Windsor features fourteen lavishly-appointed suites, each with its own character and charm. Inspired by its unique approach to each room, I quickly sketched out several campaign ideas, brainstorming and researching tactics not currently used in the hospitality industry.

We kicked off with an initial month of content development for the blog and social media. Within Bright Planning’s first four weeks working with The Windsor, the hotel has experienced an 88% increase in Twitter engagement plus 20% growth in followers, and 11% fan growth on Instagram.

Bright Planning and the Windsor staff worked together to create lushly themed Instagram campaigns that will debut this spring in order to engage a wider audience and ask them to look closer to appreciate the finer details. The out of the box suite accommodations are what separate The Windsor from its chain hotel counterparts nearby in the downtown area, and the campaign will reflect this differentiation in visuals centered by one social platform and shared across others.

The hotel’s hand-selected artwork and decor for the suites are a fusion of pieces purchased locally and in Paris. There are over one hundred pieces of art available for sale within the hotel, so Bright Planning also created a campaign to showcase pieces weekly through social media.

In addition to transmedia storytelling, we are developing themed monthly content for their blog that goes beyond the “what to do in Asheville” standard fare. It will use specific target market personas and place them in the city through the blog in story features, so potential travelers will feel inspired rather than simply directed with an itinerary.

To learn more about the Windsor Boutique Hotel, visit their new website.