We help environmentally- and socially-responsible companies grow to their full potential drawing upon our wide range of niche and industry experience.

We help companies grow by focusing on two areas:

We serve the following industries:

  • Renewable Energy (home and commercial) 
  • Natural Health & Wellness
  • Natural & Organic Food and Beverage
  • Natural, Organic, Ethical Retail Products
  • Ecoluxury Hospitality
  • Positive Impact Professional Services 

Bright Planning specializes in SMB marketing campaigns for the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) and Wellness brands.


Case Study: StrongProject

Service: Full-Service Content Marketing

Results:  Bright Planning was hired by StrongProject to build and maintain their content marketing strategy. We worked with StrongProject to create social media presences on multiple platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. After thoroughly optimizing on-site SEO and utilizing keywords in blog posts and other content, StrongProject today holds the #1, 2 and 3 spots on Google for almost 50 of their highly competitive industry keywords and has increased their overall site conversion rates to 23.5%.

Because SP’s products are so visually appealing, we (Bright Planning) determined that Pinterest could be a healthy traffic driver for the company if we set up “office design inspiration” and office product boards and pins with detailed descriptions and longtail URLs (leading Pinterest browsers to a product’s detail page rather than the home page). Within the first 3 months, this strategy led to $132,000 in sales leads for StrongProject. Today, Pinterest drives an average of 2,000 unique visitors to StrongProject’s site each month, with an average viewing time of 5 pages and a 24% goal completion rate.


Case Study: The Windsor Hotel

Service: Full-Service Content Marketing

Results: The Windsor Hotel was in need of fresh content, but as a busy boutique hotel, they didn’t have the time to manage it in-house. We took the task off their hands and created fun photo-driven series for Instagram, Facebook, and their blog, while maintaining their social community. We also did a strategic follower growth campaign using hashtags and content that targeted luxury travelers and affluent families. Within 4 weeks, The Windsor Hotel grew their social media engagement by 33% and received an increase in positive reviews, receiving an award from TripAdvisor. By increasing their brand awareness across social media and increasing Google rankings through fresh consistent blog content, The Windsor Hotel became frequently booked with no vacancies, even during the traditionally slow period of January through March.


Case Study: We!

Service: Content Marketing & PR Management

Results: We! is a positive impact company helping leaders and organizations improve their communication and deepen trust among teams. Bright Planning’s team helped We! founder Will Wise launch his new book, Ask Powerful Questions, on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. Within the first 3 days of publication, Ask Powerful Questions reached the #1 spot in its Amazon categories and continued to hold the #1 spot for the next 30 days. During the first three months of launch, we secured 15 media appearances & coverage for Will and his co-founder, Chad Littlefield. Book reviews jumped from 10 to 72 starred reviews. Over two months following launch, over 6,000 copies of Ask Powerful Questions were downloaded and sold worldwide and the brand’s social media engagement increased by 10%. We also observed increases in email subscribers, web traffic and YouTube engagement.


Case Study: HOW Creative

Service: Content Marketing Strategy & PR Management

Results: After running a successful creative firm, global brand disruptor Howard Lim wanted to raise his personal brand profile. Since he has 25 years’ experience and numerous accolades as an innovative designer and pioneer in digital technology, we needed to bring him and his business back into the spotlight. We secured two bylines in high profile industry magazines, paid speaking engagements and podcast guest appearances on behalf of our client within six months.


Case Study: Stand and Deliver Asheville

Service: Content Marketing Strategy and PR Management

Results: We helped Stand and Deliver launch their new professional services business. Within five months, owner Barrie Barton had secured eight client projects, multiple referrals and four speaking engagements. The following year, her innovative spring Learning Lab for aspiring public speakers sold out. Her business has continued to double year over year with our strategic guidance.  


Retail shops (online and brick and mortar), financial, legal, business, home, education, marketing, technology firms, food and beverage, automotive, boutique hospitality, natural health and wellness, and more.