We exclusively represent pioneering, ethical companies and leaders who are actively making the world a better place through eco-friendly and socially responsible solutions. By crafting stories for our clients through media relations, website content, social media, email, and more, we help our clients grow to a national level of brand awareness that increases customer base and revenue.

Our agency serves the following industries:

  • Food + Beverage + Restaurants: organic, farm-to-table, and sustainable
  • Hospitality: socially responsible, eco-friendly hotel or tourism experiences
  • Lifestyle:¬†positive impact products and services
  • Thought Leaders: authors, chefs, thought leaders

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Case Studies

Select Current and Past Clients:


Cultivated Cocktails Distillery (formerly) H&H Distillery
Reason to Bake Cookie Company
Red Dragon Muscle Rub
Serenity + Scott Beauty
Zen Skincare
Skyland Camp For Girls
Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine
Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism
Sunnyside Trading Company
Northern Crescent Ironworks
Elder & Co. Candles
Earth Equity Advisors
Tick Tock Concierge
Clean Air Lawncare
Riverside Solar
We and Me, Inc.
Giant Leap Consulting


Jessica Hartung, Author and Speaker
Michael Diettrich-Chastain, Author
Will Wise, Author
Christine Kane, Author and Speaker
Bill Treasurer, Author and Speaker
John Havlik, Author and Speaker
Dr. Gus Vickery, MD, Author and Speaker

Social Causes

Haywood Street
Volunteer New York!
Riley Howell Foundation Fund
Madison County Community Learning Centers
Pathways to Education

Restaurants & Chefs

Gan Shan Group
Gan Shan Station, Gan Shan West
Patrick O’Cain, Executive Chef / Owner

Foothills Meats
Foothills Butcher Bar West Asheville, Foothills Butcher Bar Black Mountain, Foothills Food Truck, Foothills Catering & Butcher Shop
Casey McKissick, Owner

Westmoreland & Scully
Chestnut, Corner Kitchen
Joe Scully, Chef / Owner & Kevin Westmoreland, Owner
Brian Crow, Executive Chef – Chestnut
David Van Tassel, Executive Chef – Corner Kitchen
Heather Gressett, Pastry Chef – Chestnut & Corner Kitchen

Little Sprout Carryout
Little Sprout Asheville, Little Sprout Black Mountain, The Red Radish Catering
Marcus Duarte, Owner

Mandara Hospitality Group
Peter Pollay, Chef / Owner + Martha Pollay, Owner

Tupelo Honey Cafe
Tupelo Honey Cafe South Asheville

Jettie Rae’s Fish n’ Such
Eric Scheffer, Partner  + Jim Diaz, Partner

Hotels & Tourism

The Windsor Boutique Hotel
The Family Lodge Hotel
145 Biltmore Avenue
Wander Africa