When I stumbled across Greg Satell’s article “Content Is Crap, and Other Rules for Marketers” in Harvard Business Review, I knew I had to share it. This isn’t the first time the problem of “content” has been raised, but it’s spelled out very clearly here.

What I’m doing right now is almost going against Satell’s rules. Before I launched the company, I established three goals for The Light Bulb blog:

1. Provide helpful stuff to readers and struggling business owners.

2. Be authentic…don’t sound like everyone else but remain humble enough to recognize that we will often face the same problems and may come up with the same solutions.

3. Be original–meaning: no linking to other articles here. (I make a point to curate articles on our social media platforms, but keep blog thoughts strictly to the brain(s) of Bright Planning.)

But Satell is on point with this article in a way I’ve never seen before. And it’s time we start paying attention to how we think about content, how we think about what we’re doing as business owners, as marketers, as people spreading a message.

We never call anything that’s good “content.” Nobody walks out of a movie they loved and says, “Wow!  What great content!”  Nobody listens to “content” on their way to work in the morning.  Do you think anybody ever called Ernest Hemingway a “content creator”?

READ “Content is Crap, and Other Rules for Marketers” here.