Market your brand with meaningful, consistent content every week.

For a select number of brands, we offer full-service content marketing and public relations outreach. Think of our team as your external Marketing & Communications Department, managing your strategy and turning your ideas into beautifully-polished content and PR materials to produce widely-shared brand awareness.

We’ll create a content marketing and PR package that fits your goals, assets and budget.

How it works:

We recommend you first engage with us through an Analysis and Content Marketing Plan or Copywriting Project to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Once we decide your company would greatly benefit from full-service content marketing and/or PR services, we’ll craft a package that includes:

  • One-Time Current Marketing Analysis
  • 6-Month Overall Marketing Map
  • 6-Month Content Marketing Calendar
  • 6-Month Public Relations Calendar
  • Research, Interviews, In-Depth Brand Study
  • Brand Voice and Tone Analysis
  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword and SEO Research
  • Vendor Coordination To Start Creating Content
  • Content Creation (this can include whatever is needed each month: blog posts, new website pages, video, audio, print materials, magazines, articles, photo essays, infographics, white papers, webinars, event materials, ebooks, social media updates, press releases, etc.)
  • Content Uploading, Scheduling and Publication
  • Content Promotion and Sharing
  • Content Repurposed Into Other Pieces For Maximum Mileage
  • Media List Building
  • Media Outreach and Appearance Coordination
  • Monthly Report with Analytics
  • Monthly Team Consult

This full-service engagement lasts approximately 9 months: the first 2 months are used for your analysis, planning, and content asset creation followed by a 6-month content marketing campaign that includes content creation, publication and promotion with reports and tracking. The final month is used for assessment and planning the next phase.

At the end of the engagement, you’ll get a “before vs after” picture to understand the value of your content marketing and PR campaigns and we’ll decide whether we want to continue.

Need a dedicated photographer, graphic designer, or blogger on your team? Don’t worry. 

We partner with local photographers and videographers to help produce video, podcasts, and photo-driven content for your brand that fits nice and neat into your content and PR calendar.

To learn more and receive a proposal:

Please schedule an appointment with Catherine here.

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