Increase sales, loyalty, and brand recognition with story-driven marketing.

We offer full-service content creation and content marketing. Think of our team as your external Marketing & Communications Department, managing your strategy and turning your ideas into content that will create appeal to customers.

How it works:

Step 1: We’ll dive into understanding what your company needs with a full Analysis and Marketing Plan.

Step 2: We’ll custom tailor a content marketing solution to help your brand grow as creatively and quickly as possible.

  • Marketing Calendar: 6-Month Content Marketing Calendar
  • Research: Staff Interviews, Customer Interviews, In-Depth Brand Study, Brand Voice Analysis, Research, Interviews, In-Depth Brand Study, Keywords & SEO
  • Project Management
  • Content Creation (see below)
  • Content Roll-Out: Uploading, Scheduling and Publication, Promotion and Sharing
  • Content Repurposed Into Other Pieces For Maximum Mileage
  • Monthly Report with Analytics
  • Monthly Team Meeting
  • Weekly Email or Phone Support

“What kind of content can you create for my company?” 

Glad you asked. Here’s what we’re really, really good at:

  • Website content
  • Social media content
  • Blogs
  • Email newsletters
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Print newsletters
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Online presentations
  • Webinars/webcasts
  • Branded publications
  • Research reports
  • Unique, educational direct mail pieces
  • Ad copy

And we can work together with our award-winning strategic partners to help your company plan, create and implement:

  • In-person events
  • Videos (pre-prepared and livestream)
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Brand Photography
  • Podcasts
  • WordPress and Squarespace Websites

“When will I see results from our content marketing?” 

ROI is predictable and relatively fast, within 6-9 months. In the past, we have improved sales, traffic and/or customer leads for some of our clients in as little as 30 days. Although we cannot guarantee specific results (no agency can), we are strategists who envision all scenarios before diving in.

“What is a typical timeline to get started with Bright Planning?”  


Schedule your complimentary 45-minute appointment with agency director Catherine Campbell. If it seems like a good fit, you’ll receive a proposal for our Brand Analysis and Marketing Plan to kick things off.

MONTHS 1 & 2:

We will meet, analyze your business and strategically plan your campaigns for the upcoming year using your new Brand Analysis & Marketing Plan. We make sure you’re informed of budget, goals, and how we’ll closely keep track of both. We also start on content creation and asset building.

MONTHS 3-12:

We continue to work together during months 3-12, executing marketing campaigns that include content creation, publication and promotion with monthly reports and tracking.

“How will you communicate with my company?”

Because we are a boutique agency, we are very selective with our clientele and work closely with each brand. We work with a limited number of clients so our creativity remains concentrated at optimum levels.

Every week: You receive a weekly email update from our team with “at a glance” information.

Every month: You receive a monthly report that clearly shows how we’re progressing compared to previous months. We also have a 60-minute monthly marketing meeting with your team in person, over the phone, or via video conference.

Once per year: We hold a “state of the union” marketing presentation and meeting with all of your stakeholders.

“Who will be working on our brand’s content?”  

Your team at Bright Planning will most likely include some if not all of the following people, whom you will meet face to face. We value the importance of aligning the right people for your project:

  • Content Strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Photographer and/or Filmmaker
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • PR & Media Outreach Specialist

“How much should I be spending on marketing in general?” 

You should be setting aside between 5-10% of your annual revenue for your marketing budget. If you are a young start-up or new business, you should plan to invest more in order to roll out an aggressive campaign for lead and sales generation.

Here are examples of small to medium-sized businesses and their budgets: 

  • $250,000 revenue, investing 10% into marketing = $25,000 marketing budget or $2,100/month
  • $500,000 revenue, investing 9% into marketing = $45,000 marketing budget or $3,750/month
  • $1M revenue, investing 7% into marketing = $70,000 marketing budget or $5,800/month
  • $7M revenue, investing 5% into marketing = $350,000 marketing budget or $29,200/month

To learn more and meet over the phone:

Please schedule a complimentary appointment with agency director, Catherine Campbell.

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