Stop worrying about what to do and launch your marketing with a prioritized plan.

The numbers have proven it: when you market on a consistent schedule, your traffic, engagement, and sales go up.

But you can’t charge out of the gate without a strategy.

You need a smart, story-driven marketing plan that will streamline everything in a way that makes sense for your team, your time, and your budget. 

It takes hours and experience to make a great marketing plan, so why not save yourself from stress and bring in an expert?

Let us do the detailed planning for you.

Bright Planning offers The Launchpad™,  our signature service.

The Launchpad is a proprietary marketing and PR analysis coupled with a prioritized 6-month plan and suggested Brand Narratives (compelling stories your brand should be presenting to your audience). The whole package is ready for you within weeks, not months.

Any client who does business with us starts with The Launchpad.

Here’s how The Launchpad™ works:

Full Marketing & PR Analysis with 6-Month Recommendation Plan

The Launchpad™ Initial Analysis includes:

  • One-Time Deep Marketing & PR Analysis
  • Competitive Research & Industry Research
  • 6-Month Overall Marketing Plan with Quick Wins and Long-Term Revenue Strategies

We’ll have an initial 90-minute meeting. Then we request access to all of your platforms where your business is present. If you own a brick-and-mortar location, we can also observe on site how customers and prospects interact with marketing in the store and we’ll study the brand experience.

We analyze: content, assets, traffic, engagement, conversions, and public sentiment.

Then we’ll sit down with you for a 90-minute presentation on the current state of your marketing and go over a 6-month marketing plan and suggested improvements. You’ll receive a copy of the presentation and plan afterward. This is a perfect fit for established marketing teams, small business groups, and start-ups.

NOTE: If you become a full-service client, this extensive research saves time for onboarding and the investment will be applied toward your full-service retainer agreement.

Turnaround time: within 14-21 business days from time of our initial meeting

$2500 // one-time investment

$500 due to reserve your meeting, balance due upon plan delivery

Reserve Your Full Marketing Analysis & 6-Month Plan…Start With Your 90-Minute Consult

Schedule Your 90-Minute Consultation

Your appointment will be confirmed after scheduling. Prior to our meeting, you will be invoiced for a $500 deposit to reserve your Full Analysis. Balance due upon delivery of your analysis (typically two weeks later). 

Happy Marketing Strategy Clients
“Catherine has been an invaluable addition to our social media & marketing strategy. Her vision has brought our social media outlets to a whole new level and we love the new connections we have with our guests.”
Chelsea Bollhoefer, The Windsor Hotel
"Catherine has a great presence and professional insight. She is capable and practical. The reason I chose to utilize her skill over the many choices I had was because she understood my needs in a clear and practical manner. I highly recommend her if you are looking to design or implement a marketing plan."
Isaac Klepac, Shiloh Painting
"When starting a new business, you want a smart, highly skilled, knowledgeable business strategist. Thank you Catherine Campbell for helping me draw the architectural blueprint for my business. Her voice is calm. Her advice is sound. Her integrity is the finest you will find in business. Use her services and you are guaranteed more success."
Barrie Barton, Stand and Deliver Asheville
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