Stop wondering what will work and get organized with your marketing.

The numbers have proven it: when you share remarkable content with your audience on a consistent schedule, your traffic, engagement, and sales go up.

But you can’t charge out of the gate without a strategy.

You need a content marketing plan that will bring together all your blog posts, emails, videos, social media posts, podcasts, guest articles, and other attention-grabbing, valuable content pieces in a way that makes sense for your team, your time, and your budget. 

It takes hours and experience to make a great content marketing plan, so why not save yourself from stress and bring in an expert?

Let us do the planning for you.

Catherine and her team can present a handcrafted, winning content marketing plan to you within days.

Curious about what a content marketing analysis entails? Here’s what to expect:

STEP 1 – Analysis & Recommendations

Let’s find out what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ll start with a Discovery Meeting. Then we will roll up our sleeves and work on a Full Analysis of your current content marketing efforts.

Catherine will then present her Next Step Recommendations. She will tell you what you’re great at when it comes to your brand content, what can be improved, what’s working, what’s a waste of your time, why you should consider specific next steps, and she’ll present general recommendations for the next 6-12 months.

If you’re a DIY-spirited business, you can take the Next Step Recommendations and run with them! Or…


STEP 2 – A Content Marketing Map

If you feel like you need more detailed guidance for your Next Step Recommendations, we’ll create a Marketing Map for you: a week-by-week, play-by-play content marketing plan that is custom tailored for your business.

This plan tells your team exactly what content to create, when to create it, how to create it, when to promote it, and how to repurpose it.

In addition to your Analysis and Next Step Recommendations, a Marketing Map includes: a full 6-month editorial calendar for all channels you are using (blog, website, email, video, radio/podcast, webinars, virtual conferences, print, live events), screencast instructional videos, outlines to make writing content easier, and guides for your team…all based on your level of expertise, budget, allotted time, and existing content assets.

STEP 3 – Reporting & Consulting

Our team can also help keep track of your marketing efforts by setting up monthly reports and meeting with you once per month for a Team Consult. During these 1-hour consults, we’ll demonstrate to you how your new content marketing strategy is performing, answer questions, walk through technical trainings, address new opportunities, and discuss whether we need to tack in a new direction with a specific topic or platform.

The monthly Report will be delivered to your team on the 1st of the month in PDF format with a cover letter explaining some highlights from that report. The monthly Team Consult can be scheduled at your team’s convenience.

This report & consulting service is always included in our Full-Service Content Marketing Packages

Happy Marketing Strategy Clients
“Catherine has been an invaluable addition to our social media & marketing strategy. Her vision has brought our social media outlets to a whole new level and we love the new connections we have with our guests.”
Chelsea Bollhoefer, The Windsor Hotel
"Catherine has a great presence and professional insight. She is capable and practical. The reason I chose to utilize her skill over the many choices I had was because she understood my needs in a clear and practical manner. I highly recommend her if you are looking to design or implement a marketing plan."
Isaac Klepac, Shiloh Painting
"When starting a new business, you want a smart, highly skilled, knowledgeable business strategist. Thank you Catherine Campbell for helping me draw the architectural blueprint for my business. Her voice is calm. Her advice is sound. Her integrity is the finest you will find in business. Use her services and you are guaranteed more success."
Barrie Barton, Stand and Deliver Asheville
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