Revenue-generating stories

A successful content marketing strategy needs great copy.

Think about the best slogans you’ve seen. The voice-over in a commercial you love. The brand tagline that is stuck in your head right now. The email newsletter you’re excited to open when it arrives. The billboard that catches your attention on your regular commute.

What do all of these have in common?

The power of the written word.

Let’s de-mystify copywriting…

Copywriting = telling a story so well it compels the audience to take a specific action

Copywriting is a key part of your larger content marketing strategy.

In the copywriting department of Bright Planning, we handle:

  • Website pages
  • Website meta content (SEO)
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts and social ad copy
  • Email newsletters, campaigns, and autoresponder series
  • Print materials such as pamphlets, rack cards and ads
  • Digital materials such as ads and sponsored articles
  • Catalog copy
  • Webinar and video scripts

We’ve even written “on-hold” messages to entertain our client’s customers while they’re waiting on the phone. 

What happens behind the scenes:

Every team member in Bright Planning has a professional creative writing background. (Strict requirement around here: you have to understand the elements of story craft before you can write great copy.)

We carefully consider how each word will roll off the tongue or appear on the page. We ask ourselves, “Does the pace and timing work in this ad?” We utilize the secrets of the first great copywriters that continue to earn companies millions of dollars. We match the writing style to the voice of your brand. And finally, we proof all copy twice with a professional editor so there’s never a typo or mistake (which, without it, can cost you more than you think). Consider us to be the professional, experienced ghostwriters for your company.

All copywriting services include:

  • deep-dive creative meeting
  • research as needed
  • interviews (optional)
  • drafting copy
  • two rounds of revision (or more as needed)
  • final editing aligned with your style guide

There are 2 ways to kick off copywriting with us:


Many of our clients started as a single-project copywriting client who simply needed a refreshed website or some product descriptions for their retail store.

We accept single-project copywriting clients on a rolling basis.

Please schedule an appointment to learn more, see availability, and receive a quote for your project.


We offer ongoing copywriting services to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and differentiate your voice. Customize a package (Example: two blog posts, one email newsletter, 30 social posts) to fit your needs. This is a popular add-on service among our clients who don’t have the time/patience to write compelling copy.

We accept a limited number of monthly package clients.

Please schedule a phone call to learn more, find out availability, discover whether we’re a good fit, and receive a quote.

Happy Copywriting Clients
"We initially met for 1 hour and [Catherine] just got my business and was so easy to work with. I look forward to a continued relationship with Bright Planning and working many projects down the road. Thanks for all your help and for making my new website such a success!"
Kara Candler, Tick-Tock Concierge
"Catherine always over-delivers. She created a marketing blueprint for our business that exceeded my expectations — it was incredibly comprehensive and easy to follow. She also provided coaching and consulting to help us implement her marketing strategies. Best of all, she’s a gifted copywriter and we’ve engaged her multiple times to write email and website copy because I love her writing style and more importantly, it gets results — more opens, click throughs and sales. To top it all off, she’s a lovely person and really cares."
Mark Whitby, The Recruitment Coach
"We had a number of false starts with content writers and strategists and really none of them worked for us. Even so-called experts. Catherine is fantastic and a real pleasure to work with. She totally immerses herself in your business and culture to understand your unique proposition so as to communicate this well in her work. We have been so pleased with everything she has done for us and I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Sean McDonald, MOBIT Technologies
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