Of all the social media platforms, Instagram (IG) is one of our favorites for businesses, and with good reason. The engagement, purchase potential, and exposure put IG at the top of the heap, thanks to its 1 billion monthly users. IG is the perfect platform for a visually-oriented society glued to smartphones. The trick is standing out with your unique voice. One way to do so is by hiring a professional photographer for your IG posts.

Isn’t that overkill? It’s a social media platform, not a website, billboard, or magazine spread.

Well, yes, that’s true. But it’s a powerful place to showcase your brand, which could drive traffic to your website through e-commerce buttons. So why hire a professional photographer?

Stand Out

photographer for IG

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Instagram is the home of many, many influencers who are not only following the trends but setting them. They’re paid by brands to curate attractive posts and compelling IG Stories. By hiring a photographer, your business is setting a quality standard that’s on par or better than what influencers can produce. But don’t ignore the influencers entirely. They know what audiences find attractive, so their feeds are a gold mine of inspiration.

Outsource the Technical

Every social media platform seems to require a different size photo for optimal posting. By passing off the responsibility to a photographer experienced in all the social media platform requirements for quality and sizing (posts are different from banners, which are different from the requirements for ads, etc.), you can enjoy the benefits of the photos without worrying about whether your products are framed right, or if the lighting is optimal. Particularly if you hire models to showcase your products, you’ll know you’ve got all the various poses covered simply by hiring an expert who knows you need full-body photos as well as detail shots of the products you’re selling.

They Can Speak the Language

Commercial photographers are also translators. It’s hard to articulate sometimes what your brand’s voice should look like visually, but your photographer speaks that language well. For a company selling a product, it’s a lot easier to come up with a photography theme that fits your business’s mission. But for service-oriented companies, how do you do that? Photographers will know how a great photo’s negative space, detail, color, and campaign references translate to an investment firm selling peace of mind, or an alarm monitoring company selling security.

IG photographer

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Options, Options, Options

The photos the photographer produces don’t only have to be used for Instagram. They can be spread among all your social media, be used for content on your website, and more. If you’re hesitant to spend the money on a photographer simply for Instagram, widen the scope and just request that a portion of the shots are oriented toward Instagram. Not only will this give you a wide array of options, but the quality of the photos returned means you’ll have far more choices at your disposal than the five quality shots you could take for yourself and have to carefully parse for all the uses you have for them. The more clear, well-framed and lighted photos you have at your fingertips, the more you can do with them.

Save Time

You’re a business owner. Your specialty is for your product or service, not photography. Let your passion point to what you’re good at and hire someone to capture that passion for you. Have a professional come in and assess the best way to showcase what you do, then block out a chunk of time in a single day to have the photo shoot. By spending the time up front on a carefully crafted photo shoot designed to highlight the various positives of your business, you’re curating a month’s or a quarter’s worth of Instagram content in just a few hours. Getting it all done at once and then stretching the posts out over time might also inspire you for future photo shoot ideas.

instagram photographer

Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

Curate Your Brand

Another benefit of the single-day photo shoot is cohesiveness. The best pro-Instagram accounts have a central theme to them. Not necessarily an object seen in every photo, but a feel, or perhaps a color or a specific photo filter. A photographer recognizes this and can plan up front before the shoot what sort of theme will best showcase your brand and match your overall marketing strategy. So when it’s time for the photos to be taken, they’ll best be able to set up each shot to capture the overall vibe you’re going for.

Building a relationship with a specific photographer can help, as well. If you have more than one session with them, they’ll learn your style and what sparks your inspiration, and they’ll be able to tap into that vein in subsequent photo shoots. The more you work with someone, the more invested they can be in your purpose, and your photos will show it. This, probably more than anything else, will help your IG posts stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Anyone can take a quality photo these days, especially with every new smartphone having a better camera than the last. The question is how frequently are you capable of taking that stunning shot that will get a lot of engagement? A professional photographer is far more likely to consistently create art centered around your brand that catches the eye and inspires the mind. They know what makes up those heart-stopping photos and have the equipment and ability to produce those shots on the regular. That’s what you want: a spectacular shot for your brand that will make any IG user stop scrolling and stare.

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