Woohoo! It’s Episode 100 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast! That means we’ve brought you at least 33 and a half hours of free marketing advice! Most episodes run longer than 20 minutes, so it’s no doubt closer to 50 hours!

As always, this celebration is hosted by Catherine Campbell and her producer Natalie Pyles, with a special appearance by yesteryear co-host Jason Pyles! Your three intrepid hosts bring you our predictions for 2019 marketing best practices.

We start the show with a little levity as we discuss Reese’s brilliant, post-Halloween marketing gimmick. #NotSorry We also discuss how we think Instagram will fit into the social media marketing of 2019, with its top “promotional” photo spots. And we talk about the development of Image Search.

Jason discusses how voice search should play an important role in your 2019 blogging efforts. We also talk about the simplifying of language, and of course, the ever-mysterious holy grail that is SEO. We explore the importance of niche podcasting and how narrowing your field of focus can attract a highly motivated and specialized audience. We also talk about how to get away from having to offer so many freebies in 2019.

And naturally, with Jason on the show, we run down a number of rabbit holes and other weird segues and non sequiturs, like serial killers and Natalie’s grandma. You know? A usual episode. Join us!

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Documentary “The Creepy Line” – www.amazon.com/dp/B07J261ZFM/

Cliff Ravenscraft: www.cliffravenscraft.com/

Link to www.brightplanning.com/user-generated content-is-king/


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