After a while some businesses have a hard time coming up with what to post about in their social media. It can be a challenge! Today Catherine shares 10 social media campaign ideas to enrich your game.

Let’s take a step back.

Q: Who is your audience?
A: Craft campaigns with your audience in mind.

Q: Where are they in their life? Where are they in their day?
A: Learn how to speak their language and keep their attention.

For example, if your audience is usually on-the-go, keep your captions and status updates short. Then, over time you can gradually shift to longer posts. Varying the posts is also effective, too, to keep things fresh.

Across any and all social media platforms Catherine shares these 10 ideas :

  • New followers intro – Introduce yourself to new customers and challenge yourself to include new tidbits for your long-time customers.
  • Staff intro or update – Feature the members of your team. If they aren’t comfortable with being in front of the camera then of course be respectful of that. Maybe you could let them take over the posting for a week so your customers can get to know them, too.
  • Day in the life – People love these insights because, let’s face it: we’re all voyeurs.
  • Product lifecycle – From start to finish, show what you make.
  • Service lifecycle – Same thing here; show what you do.
  • Customer testimonial – You should be doing this already, but keep it in the rotation.
  • Upcoming event – Big events should be announced months in advance. Then reverse engineer your reminder posts so that you’re telling people on the day of and the day before, etc.
  • How it’s made – Show your customers a behind the scenes glimpse.
  • In the news – Set up Google alerts to tell you about news in your industry so that you can be relevant.
  • Branded hashtag – These can help with searching through your posts that may have to do with a certain event or promotion and also the communication of your core values. “A hashtag is more than just a way for people to find you and for you to organize a specific theme or topic on social media but it’s also a way to encompass your brand experience and to give people and at a glance summary of what it is your trying to accomplish.”

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