Website conversion is the whole point to building an online presence and having a space on the internet. In Episode 93 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we discuss where your website falls in the overall sales funnel. We talk about the importance of ensuring that every single call to action on the website is designed with conversion in mind.

Every web page should have a call to action. Believe it or not, this is where almost every small business owner fails! Did you know that putting a call-to-action button on your About page can make a big difference?

In Episode 93, we also examine what happens if you place too many sales or action-oriented choices on one page. Each page of your site should offer no more than two or three choices. Don’t build too many widgets, such as social media, email opt-ins, free downloads, channels to explore, and variations on a product. This overwhelms the customer. The two or three choices toward a sale should all complement one another.

Having a downsell action in place is another important tip. Downsells include a single actionable item such as an “exit popup” that offers a free guide or tip sheet for your service or product. This strategy captures leads whom you can sell to later via email marketing or even direct mail.

Testimonials and reviews should be strategically placed across all website pages, not huddled together. Don’t hide them away on a Testimonials page because it tends to get mediocre traffic and almost no conversions. Use powerful testimonials that talk about visible results! Ask your customers or clients to give you specific numbers, visible changes, etc., to anchor the testimonial.

We also talk about changing the color of your action button, using scarcity and urgency, social proof, eliminating the pop-up and embracing the slide-out, search buttons, navigation links, font choices, reduction of content and registration forms, quizzes, clickable phone numbers and emails in the top header and more!

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