is a free, online publishing platform that has become a popular resource for content marketers. It is essentially a blogging tool with a built-in audience. Medium connects you with your Facebook and Twitter connections automatically. You can’t exactly target certain Medium readers, but you can still be discovered by its readers.

Should you be using Medium as part of your content marketing strategy? In Episode 96 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we tackle this question and others.

For instance, we also discuss creating a publisher account that allows you to import your existing content from anywhere from the web (even your own website). You can re-post all your writing, thereby giving your blog a boost and helping to draw more eyes toward your content. There are a lot of people who will engage on Medium who may have never stumbled upon your website otherwise.

We talk about the importance of being a reader. “Fill your well,” so to speak, by reading the work of other writers. Notice how the most effective writers deliver stories that have heart. Give this same sense of heart to your stories and your business will have greater visibility.

Along those lines, we discuss the necessity of being a writer. Your writing strategy and voice become part of your brand. Be sure you develop a distinctive and memorable approach to the way you write your messaging.

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