If you want to learn how to write product descriptions that sell, Episode 98 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast can help! Naturally, you can always observe the strategies of Dollar Shave Club or Trader Joe’s to help provide inspiration. In this episode we explore some of the effective tactics that those companies use and more!

For example, we discuss how disruptive headlines and product names are not merely employed for the sake of shock value, but they are used to spark innovation within the industry. Depending on the product, for some creators the product inspires the name, and for others the name inspires the product.

As always, storytelling plays a crucial role in writing product descriptions that sell. A careful copywriter can tell a story through a production description that’s only one paragraph. Remember that stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. And the end should land right in the customer’s lap, so they can relate to the “punchline” or point.

Slick marketers often use quirkiness to their advantage. It’s OK to be different. In fact, try to do the exact opposite of what everyone else in your industry is doing. Just avoid being crass because that does not inspire the confidence of your consumers.

Remember not to write about the product; write about the experience. And for some additional reference, you can also peruse this blog post: www.brightplanning.com/how-to-write-…descriptions/

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