In Episode 99 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we’re wrapping up Season 2 — our Girl Power Season — with an awesome show that recaps the highlights of our best marketing storytelling tips from the past 99 episodes! A genuine must-listen!

During this episode, we talk about adding positivity to your storytelling and marketing. Think Zen! In a climate with so much contention, tragedy, and negativity, your positive messaging will stand out and be refreshing to your customer community. Strive to depict praiseworthiness in your marketing. Know your audience and what they want from their marketing, especially in terms of the length of the content that they prefer, and so forth.

Planning is essential. While a plan may not be worth much, planning is priceless! So, be strategic and plan for the long-term: Condition your audience’s attention spans. For instance, if you want to condition your audience to receive more content (or less) from you, then you must make this transition very gradually.

Remember to set your brand off to the side, and keep the customer at the center of the story. Feature your customers front and center! Be honest and transparent with your community. This is good PR, and it just makes good business sense. Join us for this episode to learn more! Thanks for listening.

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