All opt-in forms on websites are NOT created equal. If you want to grow your email list and you want that list to be specific and engaged, then it all goes back to strategically designing opt-in forms that get the results you want.

Gone are the days of the generic “sign up for our newsletter!” call to action. Unless you have a huge personal brand or corporate following, it pays off to niche down and get very smart about what you’re offering to entice people to subscribe and eventually sell to them. In this episode, we continue along the theme of email marketing and discuss specific tactics for designing and writing opt-in copy that compels people to take action and sign up. This kicks off a larger, multi-episode conversation of how to get people to sign up for your list, stay on your list, engage with your emails, and share the love with their peers.

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Episode 10 and 11: “The Delicate Art of Email Automation
Episode 6: “How to Fill Your Sales Funnel With Interested People
Episode 3: “Using Rewards In Your Marketing Strategy