Have you ever been to a conference, a networking event, a business mixer, or a group where you left thinking, “Darn! I wish I had_____ [FILL IN THE BLANK HERE]!”

Today you’ll hear tips on how to leverage your personal brand at events.

This episode is specifically tailored for conference or event attendees, NOT for events you are hosting yourself, or sponsoring or co-hosting. These tips will help you get warmed up before the event, work the floor during the event, and successfully follow up with people afterward.

During this episode, Catherine covers tips for:

  • Gaining clarity on your goal before the event
  • Why reputation is everything
  • How to interact with attendees before the event
  • What should go in your ‘event prep’ box or bag
  • Ways to virtually and physically interact with people in ways that matter
  • How to nail your elevator pitch
  • How to use business cards and information in a fresh way
  • Why the little details matter, from the way you dress to the way you follow up
  • What NOT to do when live-tweeting an event
  • Why sales and marketing shouldn’t be your primary goal

“Here’s my one tip for building your reputation before an event: Don’t be an asshole.”


“Start interacting on the event’s page or social media page with other attendees a couple weeks or days before the event in a way that feels natural for you and helpful to them. This will get people familiar with who you are when you arrive.”

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