Have you been spending your resources on marketing approaches that you thought would work but haven’t yet? What’s next? What if you’ve already tried the supposed “best practices” but just haven’t seen the ROI you were expecting?

In Episode 25 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell answers a listener question from Chelsea the photographer, who asks what to do next after your best-laid marketing plans have failed.

To answer this question, Catherine speaks specifically to the nature of Chelsea’s photography business and the success that she’s enjoyed through one-to-one connections, as opposed to one-to-many. Catherine discusses various one-to-one marketing tactics that could help Chelsea’s marketing that are also cost-effective. She also talks about how to think like a one-to-one business and how to start networking with influencers who will pass along their recommendations.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the lifespan of an ad in front of its target audience. You’ll also learn more about how to become an authority in your particular niche. Catherine also presents a new mantra for Chelsea’s business in 2017. Don’t miss this one! Join us!

““It’s not about the platforms that you’re on. It’s not about the thing that you’re selling; it’s about the people and the experience. … It’s really about the story of that photograph and how it came into existence.””

— Catherine Campbell, Episode 25


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