Here’s a marketing conundrum, a veritable “chicken or the egg” question for you:

“Should you use social media to drive visitors to your website, or should you use your website to direct people to your social media, where you can engage with them?”

There are two persuasive arguments fueling this debate:

Some digital marketers insist that the purpose of social media is to drive customers to your website in hopes of increasing conversion. Those in this camp argue that leading traffic away from your website is a serious mistake.

But on the other hand, the opposing side argues that a company should engage with its community, and generally speaking, websites simply cannot facilitate the same level of engagement as social media platforms, which are specifically designed for that very purpose. And the theory is, better engagement ultimately leads to higher conversion and more loyal customers.

In Episode 26 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell weighs in on this debate and explains why she recommends keeping your customers on your website. In short, you have total control over your own website; whereas, the policies of social media platforms can change at any moment, which can throw a monkey wrench in your marketing plans.

Catherine also discusses how Facebook recently dropped its activity feed that used to be displayed on websites. And she gives you some stats on Facebook Instant articles and talks about creating more lead magnets!

You don’t want to miss this one. Join us!



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