Episode 27 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast was recorded the day after the most popular professional football game of the year. So your hosts, Catherine Campbell, and her producer, Jason Pyles, begin this show with a little “Monday morning quarterbacking” on the quality of the commercial marketing messages. We talk about which commercials were effective and why.

And then it’s on to the main event: Catherine and Jason discuss the reasons why mobile marketing is still a best-kept secret, even among savvy marketers. Catherine describes what’s preventing businesses from developing mobile-focused marketing campaigns.

If you think about the mind-boggling number of people who are using mobile devices and the amount of time those people spend on those devices, it’s clear that B2B marketers are missing out on a significant opportunity. Recent research suggests that smartphones account for 75 percent of all mobile devices in the United States, with 184 million total users.

Crunch the numbers. With 184 million users, even just 1 percent of that market is a lucrative opportunity for any business. So, we hope you’ll join us for this episode to learn more about the best-kept secret in marketing. Thanks for listening.

“If you think of email marketing as the Tiffany’s box, as the promise of something special inside, then mobile marketing is the ring: something you have to handle with care. It’s really valuable, it’s really precious, and you’ve got to treat it with the respect it deserves.”


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