Today, in Episode 30, Catherine shares practical tips for using mobile marketing at events like conferences and workshops. Here’s why: Building an app will cost around $25,000-$40,000, and if you are not ready to make that kind of investment yet, or if you don’t have anything new to offer the app-wise in your field, then mobile marketing just might be your sweet spot.

The good news is that, while e-mail response time is slow and open rates are low, people will typically open a text message within three minutes of receiving it!

There are three key groups of people who can use these mobile marketing ideas:

1) Event organizers--SMS messaging helps the event run smoothly. They can announce last minute changes, surprise guests, or reminders. If you don’t have an app and you just have a mobile optimized site you can use SMS to send attendees to a specific landing page, such as a conference floor map or testimonials/survey page after the event.

2) Sponsors–Use mobile marketing to get more people to your booth or table using SMS opt-in for a giveaway. You can even use an SMS program to send a text that will auto-tweet or post to your FB page so you can get greater reach.

3) Speakers and Presenters–Use mobile marketing to grow your audience before and after the big day. Share a keyword at the beginning of your presentation and offer a time frame wherein everyone who replies the keyword by text message gets a bonus gift (and added to your list–awesome). Or text a Slideshare link about 1 hour after your presentation or the day after the event so you stay top of mind!


“[Mobile marketing] is a great way to get reviews or continue talking to your audience well after your event is over.”

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Thanks for tuning in! We’ll be back next week discussing how to use mobile marketing for your physical or online store.

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