Does your company assess its progress by taking time to reflect on your team’s marketing goals? In Episode 38 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell warmly encourages you to conduct six-month “look-backs” to help you assess your progress with your marketing goals. These important times of reflection should occur every six months to help you determine what went right and what went wrong.

In this episode, we also give you advice for how to realistically increase your marketing goals. We also discuss a few of the most important types of marketing goals that your company should be targeting. We provide a warning about the perils of investing too much in customers up-front, and why this common practice could potentially be detrimental to your business. We also give you a few tips regarding brand-awareness campaigns.

This reflective practice of reviewing your previous six months helps you to make course-corrections, as necessary, and to adjust your plans for the next six months. We also offer some advice about how to review challenges without hurting morale or resorting to blatant criticism or assignment of blame. In Episode 38, we also discuss three critical components that you should include when trying to plan for your upcoming goals.

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