What do you want to know about your customers? How can you get your customers to be more engaged and invested in this learning / sharing process? How can you reward your prospects? For the answers to these questions and many more, we suggest marketing with quizzes.

In Episode 40 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell and producer Jason Pyles discuss how a quiz allows you to locate your target market as an effective marketing tool for promoting customer engagement.

We also talk about how quizzes work by feeding into the participant’s ego through providing validation and reaffirmation of beliefs.

Internet quizzes get your audience clicking and taking action with your company. During this show, we also discuss how initial exposure to a quiz (rather than an ad) can significantly increase engagement.

We talk about the differences between long-term attention versus short-term attention, as well as the distinctions between cold traffic, warm traffic and hot traffic.

We know our listeners are all sufficiently humble, but we still think you will enjoy this “egotistical episode.” Join us!

“Nobody wants to be directly sold to, until they’re ready …”

We want to hear your thoughts, reviews and more questions!

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Tools to make a quiz:
1. Interact – You can use them to make quizzes, giveaways.
2. DilogR – A little expensive, but makes gorgeous quizzes.
3. Quiz Revolution – A free model and premium options for quizzes and surveys.
4. FlexiQuiz – Free model and premium monthly for quizzes private and public.

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