In Episode 41 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell and Jason the producer examine why certain marketing campaigns are successful while others are not.

We discuss how the most effective campaigns tend to be bold and courageous. In a world where everything is so crazy and unsure, a courageous message is both appealing and attractive. Consumers notice companies with confidence, companies that take a stand!

During this show, we also talk about how important it is to carve out your target audience and ask them to do something specific while making sure to explain why. And of course, the explanation should tie into a larger, more universal theme that resonates among your prospective customers. So, the key is to be specific in your targeting with a very specific call to action.

We spend some time talking about historic examples where companies were brave and bold in their marketing campaigns. There are those that were extremely effective, and there are those that were less effective. We’ll talk about both, so join us for Episode 41 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast!

“And people went crazy over this ad and started sharing it everywhere. … Why? Because it was courageous. It was willing to do something completely different, to take a risk, to make a commercial that was unexpected.”

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