Do you prefer to buy products that you can see and hold in your hands? Or are you just as comfortable with purchasing intangible products?

In Episode 42 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell and Jason the producer spend some time talking about the respective challenges of trying to sell tangible versus intangible products.

We talk about the divide between the older generations that have always been consumers who could purchase physical objects and the younger, emerging generations that are equally as willing to spend their money on more abstract goods and services.

During this show we discuss how these purchasing preferences continue to pose a challenge for businesses that sell less tangible products and services, such as the paid version of an app, tour services, eBooks, vacations, subscriptions, etc. These are the businesses whose focus is more about paying for experiences rather than concrete products.

We also talk about the importance of finding out what your customers are looking for and their consumer preferences. Join us in Episode 42 to learn more!

“On one side, we have the … technology that is taking over a lot of tangible buying experiences and replacing those with subscriptions, automations, digital versions of the physical products…that we used to love.”

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