Which type of postal mailings do you receive the most? Bills, you say? It probably seems like it. But more than likely, you receive a mountain of direct mail (aka “junk mail”). Naturally, those direct mail pieces are the marketing campaigns of hopeful companies.

But if we’re always tossing those unsolicited ads into the recycling bin, this begs the question: What makes a successful direct mail campaign?

Here in Episode 44 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell and producer Jason Pyles discuss direct mail marketing strategies (while experiencing intermittent attacks on air from Catherine’s curious cats).

Design your direct mail campaigns to make your recipients feel as though they are part of a larger movement. Make your mail piece attractive and try to personalize it. Craft your message to be about the recipient, not just rhetoric about your company. Use this opportunity to describe how you can help your prospective customers solve their problems.

When planning your direct mail campaign, try to provide something useful, such as a branded keepsake. For instance, a direct mail piece for a lawn care service might consist of an attractive refrigerator magnet that features a schedule for that year’s lawn care maintenance.

Also, remember that most people enjoy surprises. Who doesn’t like to open something personal that feels like a gift? You could include inexpensive swag items, such as a pencil, an eraser, or a magnet — all branded with your company name and logo, of course.

And if you can, avoid mass printings; instead, commission a temp or a part-time employee with good penmanship to personally address all your recipients’ envelopes by hand.

In this entertaining episode, we even briefly mention the power of “scent marketing,” through which companies seek to evoke nostalgia in their recipients or to create an olfactory association with their brand. We make direct mail even more exciting than it sounds! Join us!

“Email is completely oversaturated. Everybody is starting to sound the same, because everybody is … swiping all this content and reproducing it with the same tone and same length.”

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