Are you looking to learn what’s hot and what’s not in digital marketing? Well, you’ve come to the right place: You’re listening to Episode 45 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast with your host Catherine Campbell and her producer Jason Pyles.

In this first of a two-part episode, we examine some of the hottest trends in marketing, as well as a few strategies that are now waning. Specifically, we take some time to discuss Facebook and Facebook contests, chatbots, eBooks and whitepapers, blogging, email “challenges,” webinars, live video, and experiential marketing and events.

During this podcast, we also talk about the hierarchy of the top three most valuable commodities in the digital marketing landscape: 1. Attention 2. Knowledge 3. Time. We also review the merits of giving away valuable content without requiring an email address. And we spend some time talking about the importance of humanizing your business and making it more personalized for your customers.

“Your ad budgets aren’t going away; they’re just shifting from one place to another.”

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