Welcome back for Episode 46 of the short and sweet audio series from Bright Planning. In Part 2 of our “Marketing Today: What’s Hot or Not” discussion, your host Catherine Campbell and producer Jason Pyles bring you a few more public service announcements to help you update your digital marketing strategy.

Your friends here on The Bright Planning Marketing Podcast recognize that, if you have a small team, you probably won’t have a lot of time to employ every available marketing tactic, nor will you have time to test each approach to analyze its effectiveness.

Plus, we all like our comfort zones, so it’s easy to slip into a rut, sticking with strategies that are familiar, even if they’re no longer as useful as they once were.

In this show, we talk a lot about Twitter and whether your company should still be using it for marketing. We even explain how an unlikely business type could still be Twitter-friendly to its community.

We discuss podcasting and its power to build a community that trusts your message and by extension, your brand. We also talk about amateur podcasting’s limitations when it comes to traditional advertising, and we emphasize that podcasting is a marathon, not a sprint.

In Episode 46, we discuss how QR codes are now “the mullet of marketing” and should be avoided, much like bygone hairstyles… And perhaps for the first time, you will get to hear Catherine and Jason at odds over a company’s use of coupons, as they express their opinions about savings programs and discount cards.

And before we wrap up the show, we even tease a future episode about real-time, retail personalization, so join us!

“If you want to do a podcast to lead in a very indirect way to marketing and sales, you have to be willing to put in the time.”

We want to hear your thoughts, reviews and more questions!

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