Have you heard what’s being said about the power of word of mouth for marketing? Everybody’s talking about it. But is everybody also talking about your brand? That’s the question…

Welcome to the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, hosted by Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles. In Episode 48 we talk to you about how to achieve good word of mouth for your business. In the midst of all the noise and all the distractions of your competitors, word of mouth marketing remains among the most effective methods for spreading information about your brand.

We discuss how word of mouth pertains to the way people talk about your brand, and how that can help (or hurt) your company. The marketing space is so crowded, our target audience’s trust has been diluted. They don’t know what to believe anymore. This is where word of mouth comes in handy. People trust the advisers of their lives before they will trust a barrage of blatant marketing messengers.

In this episode, we make a distinction between several tiers of word-of-mouth influencers. We talk about “happy customers” and their willingness to leave a five-star review, without taking the time to write very much. If someone asks, happy customers will spread the word on your behalf, but they won’t necessarily take the initiative.

We also talk about another group we refer to as cult followers. These people actively try to persuade others to share in the experience of your brand. They want to be the person who exposes their friends to your product or experience. Cult followers are your fans who have an initiation process, of sorts, for those who are closest to them. They primarily influence within their inner circle.

In Episode 48, you will also learn about brand evangelists, brand ambassadors, and paid influencers, so be sure to listen to learn more!

“You can’t control word of mouth, which is one of the best things about it, and one of the most powerful reasons why it works. But you can influence it, and you can help it grow.”

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