Has your marketing strategy ever been so good you could taste it? Or smell it? Well, seeing is believing, and believe it or not, with some businesses, this can actually be the case through sensory marketing. Do you run a company that could benefit from the wonders of sensory marketing?

In Episode 49 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles discuss the fascinating world of sensory marketing and some of its best-kept secrets for retail stores and pop-up shops.

For most companies, sight, sound and smell are usually the three most important considerations when trying to attract and retain customers through sensory marketing.

Naturally, businesses whose “bread and butter” is the food and beverage industry dedicate much of their focus to taste. And clothing, furniture and carpet stores, just to name a few, lean on texture to enhance their sensory marketing efforts.

Think about what you’re selling to your customers and make sure their experience with your product and its presentation is complementing all five of their senses.

During this episode, we also spend some time considering the case of Abercrombie & Fitch, a brand that has historically nailed sensory marketing by selling the way people will feel while wearing its clothing. Listen to learn more!

“Girls who come in here to gossip will feel comfortable talking to each other while shopping because nobody else is going to be able to hear them.”

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