We have hit our first milestone here on the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast: Your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles are celebrating their 50th episode this week by talking about push notifications and remarketing! (We sure know how to party, don’t we?)

Understanding when and how often to remarket to your customers all comes down to timing and a little discretion. Obviously, it’s important that you don’t harass your clientele with excessive marketing messages. An over-zealous approach can yield adverse repercussions. Instead, the trick is to find out what would likely be the best time for remarketing to your customers — and then whatever you do — don’t overdo it!

In Episode 50, we provide some useful counsel and extend a challenge to help you to set up a strategically smart campaign. Due to widespread use and overly aggressive marketing, the push notification has already saturated the marketplace and is in danger of just becoming more white noise that customers tune out.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to know your customers and their contact preferences. If you’re able to obtain feedback from your most frequent buyers, then you can use that information as a template for creating your next remarketing campaign. Listen to this episode to learn how you can gain these insights from your most active clients!

“It all comes down to the right timing. … Timing is like the unicorn of marketing.”

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