In Episode 52 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles answer a question from Craig, who asks how to promote his podcast about corporate real estate. Craig says he has between 50 to 60 episodes now, and he would like to start promoting them.

To answer Craig’s question, we spend some time discussing the nature of podcasting and where it falls among the various marketing media tools. Podcasting is an interesting format that is an effective blend of traditional radio programming and blogging. We also discuss how podcasting is a marathon, not a sprint.

During this episode we review some ideas for using social media to grow your podcast, and we also talk about a method for promoting media that’s audio-based on visual platforms. We also discuss approaches for tapping into avenues of promotion that are conducive to your niche industry, which in this case is corporate real estate.

We talk about some do’s and don’ts, and we also offer a number of action-items that Craig and others can do to promote their audio podcasts. Please join us!

“You want to have a great niche topic, and you want to bring a lot of value to that topic and charisma to your show. … You want to make sure you have an SEO-friendly description and show notes. And you want to stay on a consistent schedule.”

We want to hear your thoughts, reviews and more questions!

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