Where do you begin with your holiday shopping? Are you a pre-planned, strategic shopper or an exploratory shopper?

Some people are planners. They know exactly what they want and snatch it up early or as soon as that particular gift is on sale. The other kind of shopper is the “discoverer,” or those who like to browse and look for inspiration. These types of shoppers don’t know what they want yet, but they will know the right gift when they see it!

We ask these questions because in Episode 57 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles want to help you learn more about a few classic strategies for holiday marketing!

In our previous episode, we answered a listener question that asked why holiday advertising begins so early. In this episode we talk about the shopping traditions and habits of consumers. We discuss the importance of incorporating urgency and scarcity into your promotions. We also recommend some useful resources linked below. Join us!

“Flash sales tend to not perform as well anymore … but if you are going to do a flash sale, you might want to do it through your email list the day before your sale.”

We want to hear your thoughts, reviews and more questions!

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