Visual media — particularly video content — has become an effective part of digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many business owners are intimidated by video creation, or they assume it would be prohibitively expensive to produce great videos. Not so!

In Episode 62 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles provide some tips for making great videos on a budget. We talk about the importance of making the subject matter real in order to ensure that the video content is compelling. Obviously, if you’re creating a video on a budget, you might not have perfect lighting or flawless editing, but if your content is real, your viewers will still be hooked.

We also discuss how good audio quality is even more important than good visual quality. Smartphones work fine for filming; you don’t need a fancy video camera. We talk about how to keep your onscreen performance natural and energetic. We also recommend filming a variety of takes from different angles. In Episode 62, we also provide some advice on using talking points (rather than a verbatim script), and what to wear, where to film, etc.

“Don’t overthink your video. Be authentic and have fun and let life happen on camera.



Link to a great camera Catherine likes: Canon EOS DLSR…ras/eos-cameras

Link to a Lighting Kit:…ords=lighting+kit

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