Welcome to Episode 69 of The Bright Planning Marketing Podcast! Today your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles open 2018 with a super-helpful episode to guide you in selecting the best content and social media scheduler tool for you.

“Getting a good scheduler tool that really fits you and your business is one of the best investments you could possibly make, even if you are a tiny start-up, you’re a company of one, or maybe you just have a side business and you’re listening to this podcast and you’re trying to figure out marketing tips in order to help it grow.”

For beginners, check out Episodes 65 and 66 to help you gear up to create your content calendar and then put it into a scheduling tool.



Professional Scheduling Tips:

Have a calendar in place so you know what upcoming dates are relevant.

Using a scheduler tool you can extend the life of that conversation. What’s the lifecycle of a tweet? 7 seconds? Become a master at getting the most out of your good content, especially your evergreen content.

“If you want to have a conversation about something educational for your content, if you want to educate your audience, if you want to entertain your audience, if you want to continue a longer conversation about a specific issue that’s related to your industry, content scheduler tools are your friend.”

Posts can go out night and day and you don’t have to be the one clicking the button. “Nobody is superhuman, but we can certainly use the technology to appear that way.”

General overview of tools:

Buffer: Buffer is a content scheduling tool that is free for 1 social media account. You can only schedule 10 posts at a time with the free version. Typically, you should have 5-10 posts per day so the free version won’t get you very far. You’ll want to do testing to find out which of your posts are being seen based on the time and day. Upgrade to Buffer’s ‘Awesome Plan’ for $102 per year or $10 per month. Then you can use 10 social accounts, even Pinterest and IG reminders. This is a great app. You can have in-content feeds so you can get inspiration and schedule what you want. buffer.com/

Edgar: This is a good service for you if you are an avid poster because you can create whole libraries of content. This works for social media only. It is $50 per month and includes 25 social profiles. meetedgar.com/

CoSchedule: CoSchedule is a great tool because you can see a calendar with all of your content marketing in one place. The price is $40-60/month depending on the size of your team. You’ll need reporting elsewhere, as it doesn’t include reporting at this price point. http://www.coschedule.com

Sprout Social: Sprout Social is great for larger companies. sproutsocial.com/


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