If you can understand the deep emotional needs of your target market, you can accomplish three key objectives:

  1. It allows you to effectively improve your product or service for your customers and clients. No more second-guessing, or slowly losing people over time. This helps create a strong emotional foundation for your sales funnels, too.
  2. It demonstrates to your tribe of potential customers and clients that you can, indeed, identify with their pain points and empathize with them.
  3. It reveals whether your product or service is solving or alleviating a “unique pain” or a “shared pain.”

In this episode, Catherine goes over the key nine questions that dive deep into the heart of your target market. Plus, she talks about the do’s and don’ts in how to collect these answers, the difference between unique and shared pain, and why aligning your product or service with your customers’ deeper needs must be 100% aligned.

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